"Susan is one of the most caring and kind people I have ever encountered. She is genuinely dedicated to spreading the joy and freedom beyond pain, which she herself has achieved through a TMS understanding. On innumerable occasions, Susan has helped me see the light in even the darkest hours. Her insight and guidance have given me hope, as has her example. She has a deep understanding of the pain process and the healing process, and the enthusiasm to achieve results. She has been impossibly generous with her time, her ear, her wisdom. Susan is a true healer in every possible sense."  ...by eskimoeskimo...

"Susan is an excellent coach/guide in TMS, she understands the different phases we go through with TMS and was there to coach me through some difficult stages. She’s very kind, supportive and very affirming. She was extremely helpful in giving me insight on how to navigate through the process of recovery. "


L. Galvan 

"My name is Cierra, I’ve been on my TMS journey for about 9 months now and I can honestly say I’ve gotten 90 percent of my life back. There was a time I would just lie in bed all day because I was scared of making my back pain worse. My pain was in part due to my inability to express my negative feelings ( and of course the fear of pain that a lot of TMS sufferers have). Susan has helped me a lot in dealing with my inner bully, which has been a huge part of my recovery. She is also great at helping me target which emotions were causing my pain and reducing my fear of the pain. Now I have the skills to tackle TMS and my inner bully. Thank you Susan :) "

"Having been struggling for many years with TMS, I was highly recommended to reach out to Susan, and I am so happy that I did. Having spoken to many people on my journey around the world, Susan listens first which as you will know is brilliant. She then used her own experience to help me recognise areas which are trying to call out to me, this meaning I should connect to listen to what my body is saying to me. I would highly reccomend Susan. I connected to her from London to Sydney via Skype :)"
Hardeep - London, UK

I suffered from chronic sciatic nerve  pain for a year. I tried everything to fix this pain… I had spinal injections, physical therapy and pain medication. Nothing worked. I had also been diagnosed with Interstitial-cystitis  a few years prior. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sit, couldn’t exercise, couldn’t go to restaurants or movies or travel. I started having anxiety attacks and falling into a depression for fear that I would never get my life back.

I discovered a concept called TMS/psychophysiologic pain I KNEW that’s what was going on with me. It basically suggests that chronic, pain is caused by an overactive/fearful central nervous system. This fear can come from repressed emotions or a tendency to avoid or ignore feelings regularly.

It’s been a little over a month now and I am happy to say that I’m 99% pain-free. My chronic sciatic nerve pain flares up occasionally when I do certain activities, but I am able to soothe myself and trust that it will go away soon, and that I am not in any physical danger, and within less than a day it is gone!

Thanks to Susan for all her help and patience in passing on the curative powers of TMS.  

Tony, Australia

"Thank you so much for helping me yesterday.  I realize by working on myself I'm gaining greater insight and understanding of TMS.  You are incredibly good at what you do, I felt totally comfortable and understood.  I would love to be able to do what you are doing some day.


By the evening my inflammation had reduced by 50% Yay!


You were so good at putting the right words together.  Thank you, I hope to work with you again soon. "


New Zealand